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KDMC’s MammoPad Eases Discomfort of Mammography

ASHLAND, KY — The King’s Daughters Breast Care Center is making mammography more comfortable, thanks to the MammoPad®, a foam cushion that creates a warmer, softer surface between the patient and the mammography device.

The MammoPad helps individuals relax while enabling technologists to get the best possible image. Clinical studies show that when MammoPad is used, patients can tolerate more compression, even though they feel significantly less discomfort. The cushion’s grip-like surface also holds breast tissue in place to ensure optimal breast positioning.

The disposable MammoPad is replaced following each mammogram.

Clinical studies show three out of four patients experience significantly improved comfort with MammoPad, says Robert Penkava, M.D., Breast Care Center medical director.

“Medical experts recommend that women 40 and over receive annual screening mammograms,” Dr. Penkava says. “Yet many women do not follow the guidelines, often out of fear of pain. The MammoPad will help eliminate much of the discomfort of this life-saving procedure.”

The Breast Care Center, housed on the second floor of the King’s Daughters Center for Advanced Imaging, 2225 Central Ave., Ashland, provides mammography services, as well as breast ultrasound and DEXA osteoporosis scans. More than 16,000 mammograms are performed annually at the Breast Care Center.

More than 12 million have already benefited from MammoPad, which is manufactured by Hologic, Inc, Bedford, Mass.

Once you have scheduled your mammogram with your doctor or with our Mobile Mammography Unit, don't forget to preregister online. Preregistering online is simple, convenient and secure. Plus, it saves time at your appointment.

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