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KDMC is Ashland's Exclusive Home for Lithotripsy Services

Lithotripter ASHLAND, KY — Beginning in September, King’s Daughters will become the only hospital in Ashland to provide lithotripsy, a minimally invasive treatment for eliminating painful kidney stones. The Surgery Department now hosts the Storz Modulith® SLX-T, one of the most advanced and versatile lithotripters in the world.

Until about 20 years ago, the only treatment to remove a large kidney stone was open surgery, an invasive approach that required a lengthy recovery of up to six weeks. Today, lithotripsy is a frequent alternative to surgery. During the outpatient procedure, the lithotripter sends a series shock waves to break apart stones into tiny particles that safely pass through the body. Patients resume regular activities within a few days.

Every year, more than one million Americans seek medical attention for kidney stones, a condition that affects men twice as much as women. Stones are formed when hard masses of crystallized calcium and other materials build up inside the kidney. Most stones are small enough to travel safely through the urinary tract. However some kidney stones become so large that they cannot be passed through the body naturally and require medical interventions.

The following urologists are performing lithotripsy at King’s Daughters:

William Boykin, M.D., Tim Dixon, M.D., and James Krick, D.O.

  • (606) 324-4404

Francis Ogbolu, D.O.

  • (606) 324-1561

Charles Thorndyke, M.D.

  • (606) 324-1561

E.W. Unnikrishnan, M.D.

  • (606) 836-2611

To learn more about lithotripsy services at KDMC, please call 1-888-377-KDMC.

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