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KDMC Urologist Earns Certification in Pediatric Procedure

Krick.James M. ASHLAND, KY — Ashland urologist James Krick, D.O., recently earned certification in endoscopic injection treatment for vesico-ureteral reflux (VUR), a pediatric condition that can lead to long-term kidney damage. 

Dr. Krick has been trained to perform minimally invasive cystoscopic injection of Deflux® gel into the bladder wall—now considered the preferred first-line therapy for VUR, a condition that is characterized by the abnormal back flow of urine from the bladder to the kidneys through the ureter. VUR affects one percent of all children and is commonly diagnosed in infancy or early childhood after repeated urinary tract infections.

Until recently, open surgical repair of the ureter was recommended for children with reflux that fails to resolve or for children with breakthrough infections despite antibiotic treatment. Studies reveal the Deflux® gel injection is just as effective as open surgery, whle sparing young children the trauma of hospitalization. Gel injection takes 20 minutes to complete and does not require an incision.

Dr. Krick is performing the procedure at King’s Daughters. For more information, call the Urology Center of Northeastern Kentucky at (606) 324-4404. 

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