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DaVinci SI

Kentucky’s first single incision gallbladder surgery with Da Vinci Si Surgical System performed at KDMC 

Kentucky’s first single port incision gallbladder surgeries using the Da Vinci Si surgical system were successfully performed today at King's Daughters Medical Center. General surgeon Eric Smith, D.O., performed the cholecystectomy, or gallbladder surgery. The Da Vinci Si surgical system is an innovative surgical robot, which allows surgeons to use precision and delicate maneuvers for virtually scarless, single incision gallbladder surgery.

Smith said he is excited about the possibilities the new Da Vinci Si system brings to Ashland.

"It feels really good to help bring something like this to our area, and to my hometown,” Smith said. “Previously, only about 15 percent of patients were candidates for single site surgery. With the new da Vinci, that number can reach as high as 75 percent. We can more efficiently maximize our operating room times and provide an even greater service to the patient."

Instead of four to six incisions, which may result in some scarring, the Da Vinci Si allows King’s Daughters surgeons to create a one-inch incision through the belly button and typically results in no visible scarring. This approach is intended to minimize pain, speed recovery and reduce blood loss and other complications. Smith had been performing single site surgery for more than two years before the new da Vinci system, but many patients were not considered good candidates for the procedure. The new da Vinci procedure greatly increases the number of patients able to have single site surgery.

King's Daughters Medical Center brought to patients the da Vinci surgical system in 2007. Since then many KDMC surgeons have used it to perform more than 1,000minimally invasive procedures, including hysterectomies, prostate and open heart surgeries.

In addition to Dr. Smith, several KDMC surgeons, including Urologist William Boykin, M.D., and Cardiothoracic Surgeon Eric Bronstein, M.D., are certified in da Vinci surgery for a variety of procedures.

Also, all six OB/GYNs practicing at KDMC are certified in da Vinci surgery:

  • Tony Dotson, D.O.
  • Richard Ford, M.D.
  • Brian Frederick, M.D.
  • Stephanie Hutchison, M.D.
  • Kelsey James, M.D.
  • Navita Modi, M.D.

KDMC is a locally controlled, not-for-profit, 465-bed regional referral center, offering comprehensive cardiac, vascular, medical, surgical, maternity, pediatric, rehabilitative, psychiatric, cancer, neurological, pain care, wound care and home care services.

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