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Urgent Care Centers go mobile




The ability to find one of KDMC's Urgent Care Centers is now literally in the palm of your hand. KDMC is one of the first hospitals in the nation to launch its own iPhone app with Urgent Care and Emergency Department wait times.

Wait times for our four Urgent Care Centers are updated continuously, along with directions to each center. Wait times are updated in real time, so patients can choose the Urgent Care Center that best suits their needs. Emergency Department wait times are available, too.

Want to find a location closest to you? Our app does that as well. It automatically shows you the center closest to you, including step-by-step directions to get there.

The app also features a handy In Case of Emergency (ICE) screen, so you can keep a list of allergies, medications and emergency instructions close by at all times.

For those wanting wait time information on their computer, now features the same information on every page.

To download the app, click the link on or go to the iPhone app store directly and search "KDMC."

King’s Daughters Urgent Care Centers are located in Ashland and Grayson Ky., as well as Ironton and Portsmouth, Ohio.



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