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Pediatric Cardiologists Seeing Patients at KDMC

Pediatric cardiologists Robert Solinger, M.D., and Bradley Keller, M.D., now are seeing patients in the Heart and Vascular Center at King’s Daughters Medical Center. Appointments can be made by calling toll-free 800.334.8635 and asking for Pediatric Cardiology Associates.

Dr. Solinger and Dr. Keller bring to Ashland more than 50 years of experience in caring for young hearts with Pediatric Cardiology Associates of Louisville. They specialize in congenital heart defects, heart murmurs and heart disease in athletes.

"We are very excited at King's Daughters with the addition of pediatric cardiologists to our nationally recognized heart program. Thousands of children are born with heart defects each year in our country, and now we have taken our heart program a step further by bringing these two very experienced pediatric cardiologists to KDMC," said Kristie Whitlatch, KDMC senior vice president, Service Line Development.

The two types of heart disease in children are congenital and acquired. Congenital heart disease (also known as a congenital heart defect) is present at birth. Some defects in this category are patent ductus arteriosis, atrial septal defects and ventricular septal defects. About 36,000 children are born with a heart defect each year, according to the American Heart Association. Acquired heart disease, which develops during childhood, includes Kawasaki disease, rheumatic fever and infective endocarditis.

Kentucky Heart Institute Physicians include: Richard Ansinelli, M.D., David Bush, M.D., Zane Darnell, M.D., Chris Epling, D.O., David Glassman, M.D., Richard Paulus, M.D., Vaughn Payne, M.D., Arley Peter, M.D., Lynn Preston, D.O., Terence Ross, M.D., all with Kentucky Heart and Vascular Physicians; Arshad Ali, M.D., Ghassan Dalati, M.D., Ahmad Elesber, M.D., Roger J. Klein, M.D., Bipin Nagra, M.D., Hullukunte Shivaprasad, M.D., Sri Velury, M.D., all of Comprehensive Heart and Vascular Associates; Robert Fried, M.D., Juan MacHannaford, M.D., Marcos Nores, M.D., all of Cardiothoracic Surgeons of Kentucky.

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