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KDMC launches 360-degree virtual tour on its web site

Screen Shot for Virtual Tour Twenty-one areas can be viewed in full color, high definition detail, including some non-public places such as procedure rooms and operating suites. The photos rotate, or spin, to show viewers a 360-degree view, often with images of KDMC team members and visitors going about normal activities. Each photo is tagged with a brief description.

“The virtual tours give viewers the feeling of almost being at the medical center,” said Tom Dearing, director of Marketing and Public Relations. “These realistic images can help patients become more accustomed to our campus, provide information about the medical center to visitors and prospective customers, and also serve as a showcase and recruitment tool.”

The tour begins by clicking on the feature from the KDMC home page,, and selecting either full screen or partial screen mode. Visitors then can select each photo in the tour lineup and open it to see the 360-degree view. By clicking on the image and dragging the curser arrow to the left or right, viewers can see a complete scene, including the floor and ceiling. For example, visitors can “stand” at the main entrance and see the front of the buildings as well as surrounding parking lots and the adjacent Central Park. Viewers also can see inside a cardiac catheterization suite where a heart team examines a patient’s coronary arteries, or view a beautiful upscale Signature Suite patient room. In the Heart and Vascular Center main lobby, the viewer can look up to see the hanging sculpture, and look around to see the two sets of elevators on the right and left.

Some of the areas featured in the virtual tour include:

  • The main entrances of the medical center
  • Inside a King’s Daughters ambulance and the medical transport helicopter
  • Patient rooms and nurses stations
  • The outdoor courtyard
  • A cardiothoracic surgery operating room, as well as an outpatient surgery suite and the neurosurgery operating room
  • The Grayson and Wheelersburg Family Care Centers

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