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As I promised in a previous communication, I will send periodic updates about King’s Daughters and our continued efforts to improve quality, value and to be transparent with information. Today, I would like to share with you some of our efforts to create a more dynamic corporate compliance and business integrity program.

First, we’ve added specific compliance roles at the senior leadership level of our organization. Mona Thompson, who has 33 years of nursing, education and leadership experience with King’s Daughters, was named vice president and Chief Compliance Officer in May. Her role is to redesign and strengthen our corporate integrity program.  
We’ve also added additional medical staff leadership. Dr. Richard Ford, a third generation physician at King’s Daughters, will serve as physician executive to the senior leadership team. He will assist Dr. Phil Fioret, vice president and chief medical officer, focusing on the oversight of peer reviews, credentialing, and management of the medical staff within the Health System. 

Mona and Dr. Ford are well-respected, trusted leaders within our organization and are equipped to help us take corporate compliance to a new level. Compliance has been a regular part of our business operations for decades. However, given all the changes in healthcare, the responsibilities have greatly expanded. Their roles are a vital component to ensure we fully comply with all required regulations and to be transparent with our information. 

With additional bench strength at the senior level, we’ve been working to develop a structure that supports a more active program. The first step in redesigning the program is to make sure everyone has a common understanding about the values and policies and procedures that exist at King’s Daughters Health System, as well as the rules and regulations that govern our industry.  

During the month of July, we have asked every Team Member, Medical Staff and Volunteer to attend an educational session about our compliance program. Many of our seasoned team members have commented “this is nothing new.” No, it’s not. However, it is important to make sure we all understand the legal and corporate expectations as well as our personal accountability. Later this summer, our leaders will receive more intensive education on our responsibility to lead the organization to meet the highest standards of ethics, integrity and sound decision making.

This is just the first step in transforming our culture and regaining our community’s trust. Trust is not built by words but by consistent and transparent actions and behaviors.
I am very proud to lead King’s Daughters. Our team works very hard to deliver the highest quality care to our patients and families each and every day. Corporate compliance ensures we are attending to the business side of healthcare allowing us the privilege to attend to the bedside.

It’s a new day at King’s Daughters. We will communicate with you on a regular basis. Please also continue to communicate to me. Your support is appreciated and is essential to our success. 


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