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King’s Daughters announces leadership restructuring and promotions

King’s Daughters Medical Center recently announced corporate structure changes and promotions that result in a new 18-member administrative team. The 110-year-old medical center is making significant changes to align the organization for future growth, to support and enhance the quality of patient care and services, and ensure its continued success, according to KDMC President/CEO Fred Jackson. He stated that the rapid growth of KDMC, along with ongoing business demands, requires the introduction of a new senior vice president level to the organizational structure. This top tier leadership function has overall responsibility for the strategic planning and direction of KDMC as well as leadership of the daily operations for assigned departments and functions. KDMC currently has more than 4,200 team members.

The following professionals have been advanced from vice president to the new position of senior vice president: Bob Lucas, Kristie Whitlatch, Larry Higgins, Mark Detherage, M.D., Paul McDowell, Phil Fioret, M.D., and Sheryl Mahaney.

In addition, five directors have been promoted to vice president positions: Howard Harrison, Rob Walters, Sara Marks, Scott Hill, and Susan Graham. These professionals join five other current vice presidents: Andrea McKay, Cathy Cooper-Weidner, Elaine Corbitt, Jarrod Johnson, and Mona Thompson.

“Each of these leaders is highly qualified for their new role, reflect KDMC’s values in the performance of their duties, and most have been associated with KDMC for many years,” Jackson said. “These organizational changes capitalize on the strengths and unique talents of each individual and will enhance the development and growth of our organization.”

Specific changes, by senior leader, include:

Bob Lucas, senior vice president of Operations, who has been with the organization 11 years, continues to have responsibility for Facilities, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Pulmonary, Radiology, and Strategic Planning. Within Lucas’ Group, Howard Harrison, who has been with KDMC for 18 years, has been promoted to the new position, vice president of Facilities.

Kristie Whitlatch, senior vice president of Service Line Development, with a 22-year tenure at the medical center, is responsible for Patient Services, Clinical Services, Heart and Vascular Services, The Kentucky Heart Institute and The Kentucky Heart Foundation. Within Whitlatch’s group, Sara Marks, who has been with KDMC three years, has the new position, vice president of the Kentucky Heart Institute.

Larry Higgins, senior vice president of Organizational Effectiveness/Chief Leadership Officer, a 10-year veteran at KDMC, now is responsible for Safety/Security/Transportation, Human Resources, Service Excellence and Leadership/Organization Development, Food and Nutrition Services, Pastoral Care, and Volunteer Services. Higgins also has administrative responsibility for King’s Daughters Medical Transport Corporation, the Child Development Center Corporation, and KDMC’s Auxiliary. Within Higgins’ Group, Scott Hill, who has been with the organization more than 15 years, has been promoted to the new position, vice president of Safety/Security/Transportation, and HIPAA Privacy Officer. Also, Susan Graham, a 24-year veteran of KDMC, has been advanced to the new position, vice president of Service Excellence/Organization Development.

Mark Detherage, M.D., senior vice president of Quality/Chief Quality Officer, has been with King’s Daughters eight years, and retains responsibility for Accreditation and Regulatory compliance, Case Management, Hospitalists, Performance Improvement, Quality Management/Infection Control, and Social Services.

Paul McDowell, senior vice president of Finance/Chief Finance Officer, has been with KDMC nearly nine years, and is responsible for Finance, Ambulatory Services, Information Services and Technology, Accounting and Internal Auditing. McDowell also has administrative responsibility for King’s Daughters Medical Specialties Corporation. Within McDowell’s Group, Rob Walters, who joined KDMC three years ago, has been promoted to the new position, vice president of Finance.

Phil Fioret, M.D., senior vice president of Medical Affairs/Chief Medical Officer, has been with the medical center nearly 11 years, and retains responsibility for Research, Family Care Center/Outreach Physicians, Medical Staff Relations, and Physician Recruitment/Retention. Fioret also has administrative responsibility for Kingsbrook Lifecare Center.

Sheryl Mahaney, senior vice president General Counsel/Chief Legal Officer, has been with King’s Daughters more than 12 years, and retains responsibility for Acquisitions and Corporate Compliance, Litigation, Physician Practice Contracts, and Risk Management.

Andrea McKay, who joined the organization in 2007, remains in her role as vice president of Ambulatory Services. Cathy Cooper-Weidner, who also joined KDMC in 2007, continues her service as vice president of Information Services and Technology/Chief Information Officer. Elaine Corbitt, who has been with King’s Daughters for 19 years, continues as vice president of Marketing/Public Relations/Community Services/Health Foundation. Jarrod Johnson recently joined King’s Daughters in the new position of vice president of Clinical Services. Mona Thompson, who has served the medical center for 28 years, is the vice president of Patient Services/Chief Nursing Officer.

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