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KDMC Opens Cardiology Clinic in Portsmouth

In response to requests from the community, the Portsmouth Cardiology Clinic has been established to provide antithrombosis services for patients taking blood thinner medications. The new clinic is housed in the Kentucky Heart and Vascular Physicians office, located on the second floor of the King's Daughters Medical Specialties Center, 2001 Scioto Trail. Appointments to the Portsmouth Cardiology Clinic are required and can be made by calling (740) 353-8100. Cardiologist Earl Perrigo, M.D., will provide medical oversight. Testing, education and follow-up is provided by Michelle Scott. Patients can be referred to the clinic by their family physician or cardiologist, and the visit is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance. Testing is performed with a simple finger stick, with instant results.

According to the American Society of Hematology, four million Americans regularly take prescribed blood thinner medication. It is vitally important that people taking blood thinners be carefully monitored. When a patient on blood thinners is not within their therapeutic range bad things can happen quickly, including:

  • clotting
  • bleeding
  • major hemorrhage
  • reactions with other prescription medications or over-the-counter remedies and supplements
  • reactions with certain foods and beverages
  • arrhythmias
  • heart attack
  • stroke

The Portsmouth Cardiology Clinic provides a safety net for patients to make sure they have all the information and monitoring they need for optimal health. Research shows that patients who are managed by an antithrombosis clinic have significantly fewer complications, cardiac events and hospitalizations than those who are not.*

“We’re excited to offer this important service to the people of the greater Portsmouth area,” said Dr. Perrigo. “Ongoing routine monitoring and adjusting medications on an outpatient basis through the antithrombosis clinic is a simple and effective way for patients on blood thinners to enjoy a better quality of life and experience fewer problems.”

Services at the new clinic include:

  • blood analysis to determine if medications need to be changed or adjusted for better anticoagulation
  • counseling on diet, other medications, drug interactions and overall health status
  • results and updates are sent back to the patient’s doctor.

The Portsmouth Cardiology Clinic is modeled after the highly successful clinic that opened at the King’s Daughters Heart and Vascular Center in 2006.

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