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This week is National Cancer Registrars week. To celebrate, KDMC’s cancer registrars want to share ways they contribute to world-class patient care.

Cancer registry is the collection, management and analyses of data on persons with cancer diagnoses. Our cancer registrars are Cindy Hall (not pictured), Scott Myers, Sue Schneider and Amy Shepard.

4 things cancer registrars do:

  1. Maintain data on all patients diagnosed and/or treated for cancer at King’s Daughters.
  2. Report information to central and state cancer registries. Local, state and national cancer agencies use registry data to make important public health decisions, such as the placement of screening programs.
  3. Provide important data that contributes to research.
  4. Help manage and analyze clinical cancer information for the purpose of education, research and outcome measurement.

Cancer registrars help ensure timely, accurate and complete data is maintained on all types of cancer from each patient’s diagnosis and treatment through his/her lifetime. They work closely with the healthcare team, administrators, researchers and others to support program development, ensure compliance with reporting standards and maintain data that will help prevent and control cancer.

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Taylor W
# Taylor W
Monday, April 15, 2013 3:47 AM
I've been trying to find out a little more about this kind of stuff, thanks for sharing.
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