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Entries for May 2009


The Kentucky Heart Foundation at King’s Daughters Medical Center is enrolling area women with chronic stable angina in a seven-week research study called Women’s Ischemia Symptom Questionnaire (WISQ). The study is part of a national research program focused on women and heart disease. To qualify, women must be 18 or older and have a diagnosis of angina for at least three months that is relieved by taking nitroglycerin and/or by resting. Cardiologist Robert Touchon, M.D., medical director of the Kentucky Heart Foundation, will provide medical oversight of the study.

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The King’s Daughters Marketing and Public Relations Department received three top awards and six certificates of merit from the recent Kentucky Society for Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing annual Thoroughbred Awards Luncheon in Louisville. The awards luncheon, part of the Kentucky Hospital Association’s annual conference, honors and recognizes excellent work in the areas of healthcare marketing and public relations from throughout the state of Kentucky.

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King’s Daughters Medical Center recently acquired the Hana® orthopedic surgery table. The table allows doctors to manipulate the patient’s legs and hips for improved access and positioning options not possible with conventional tables. This gives the surgical team greater flexibility to extend and rotate the body and adjust the height and position of the hips and knees independently, resulting in smaller, more precise incisions, fewer incisions, and less disturbance of soft tissues.

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